Racing 's   Gas Gas Wild 300
What has been done to it?
We had TCS turn the stock Ohlins into no-preload and revalved and resprung for my weight and racing style. We also added GT Thunder A-Arms that are fully adjustable and narrow the quad up a bit. We rejetted the stock 38 Keihin Air Striker ( which made a huge difference), removed the lights and any other unneeded parts to reduce weight. In this picture,  Douglas Beadlocks with Turf Tamer rears and Radial fronts were added for mx.  I slapped on a thumb throttle too since I don't like twist, although the stock twist is very nice.
Is it fast?
Yes! I took it out to a woods track and a gravel road to see how it would run against some other popular quads. It will smoke a Z400 from beginning to end on a gravel road drag. Even with the best Z400 pipe made (CT), it was closer but no match. I also ran it against an R with a Pro-X 310 cylinder, ported, pipe, aftermarket chassis and the same carb and Maxxis Razr tires. The R was no match for it either on both acceleration and top speed.  This R had a fresh motor on it and all of the racers that I raced against were experienced racers. It ran real well in the woods, the only disadvantage was the front end width. With it being slightly wider in the front than my XC 310R, I was a bit afraid of smacking a tree.
How is the powerband?
Once I jetted it in, It was excellent! Stock, they are too rich, especially in the mid range.  Your first impression is that it doesn't have a lot of lows and  the power isn't super smooth. After the jetting it has lots of lows and smooth power yet it will scream on top and rev quite higher than a 250R.  I found that in the woods I could lug it like a 4-stroke to near idle speed in 1st thru 3rd and it would pull hard and clean. Very controllable power, good for XC racing. 
You can clearly hear the exhaust tone change when the powervalve opens up. I found that the in the woods the valve was usually closed which gave me excellent low end power, which allowed me to maintain traction which also made it a good hill climber. When I would come out of the woods into a field, just a quick slip of the clutch to get the revs up, the valve would open and it would flat out scream. If you were in 1st through 3rd or if your revs were already mid to high in 4th through 6th, clutch slipping was not needed.  We all do this with our R's.
How does it handle?
In stock form, the front end is a little tall. Mine originally came with 2 springs on each front shock. The very early ones had just one...some complained the ride was harsh so they added another smaller spring to help. Stock it really didn't ride too bad. When you tried to really run her hard the handling wasn't the best.
It would wear you out due to the heavy steering. Some people have said that it is the ball joints, some have said it is the stem clamp that needed to be shimmed. What it really is, is the excessive caster of the A-Arms. According to my angle finder, it was about 12 degrees or so stock. A later model R was about 4 degrees. It probably came this way due to the street use in other countries. You definitely don't want a twitchy front end on the highway!
The Aftermarket A-Arms fixed the steering problem, even when using the stock ball joints. The new Arms are camber and caster adjustable. They also appear very durable and I have not had one problem with them. The Arms are available through us for $549 set. It turns quicker and lighter. A-Arms are no longer available for the GasGas.   Update !! No one is making them anymore!

The shocks made a huge difference !! The fronts have 3 springs now and the rear 2. I can now put as much sag in it as I want which leads to better cornering. The shocks can now handle race speeds and jumps, cadillac style. TCS's setup is perfect. I can't tell you how great their shocks are. The turn around time is great, and if you decide to have them stiffened up or softened, they don't hassle you (like some shock companies) . They will have them back to you very quickly and you will be very satisfied. Although we sell other good shocks, we will only run and recommend TCS. The shock mods for the Gas Gas are $499 for fronts and $349 for rear. This includes all new springs for your weight and racing style, and revalved specifically for you. Keep in mind that the GAS GAS already comes with high dollar Ohlins which are rebound, compression and preload adjustable. They just need to be set up, made zero-preload and resprung. TCS will also be offering their own shocks for it too. Contact us for price.
The rear axle is adjustable from about 49" to 47" with stock offset.  By running a different offset rear wheel, 46 to 46.5 should be possible.  If you leave the spacers in and turn the wheels inside out, 45" is the width. So mx width and xc width is possible.
What is on it in stock form?
300cc powervalve 2 stroke, modern technology. Lighter weight. Chromoly frame. Anti-vibe stem. Full aluminum skid and glide. Non- slip seat cover. Twist throttle. Kehin 38mm Air Striker. Fully adjustable Ohlin shocks with rezzies. Steel braided brake lines. The best brakes you have ever seen on a quad.....Brembos.  Adjustable axle. Good aluminum axle nut, not like those old R ones. Water cooled with fan back up. Headlight, brake light, speedometer, lap counter, pro design kill switch, Aluminum kick lever, Chrome subframe. Douglas .190 red label, RAZR 21" front, 20" rear.
What does it need to be pro race ready?
A-Arms, shocks (new or modified),  more wheel travel would be nice... for xc, the narrower arms. Most of the other stuff is personal preference like bars , tires, wheels.
Email us with any questions you have!!!
What about the wheelbase?
Initially the wheelbase was reported as 52".  Ours measures to approx 50.5" This is a good thing, 52" probably wouldn't be so good for xc. Also traction might be a problem, which it isn't. The Wild 300 doesn't want to wheelie on you like some of the new four strokers, but it will when you want it to.This works out great because you can pop up the front to get over log but other times the front is planted and carves a nice turn.
What is next?
For XC, we will probably put some Hi-per carbon fiber wheels on it . Razr2 (if Maxxis ever gets around to making them again) or Holeshots XC or the new XCR fronts. TAG bars. We are also going to build a radiator guard for it and are going to try to get even more wheel travel front and rear. At least 10" total.
For mx, she is pretty much ready as pictured. Also do the wheel travel thing. Then, I will say farewell to these quads below.....
These quads are sold....

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